Grooming Terms and Conditions

    1. YOUR PET IS MOST IMPORTANT TO US. We are trained professionals who take pride in what we do. We promise to treat all our clients (including pets) with respect and expect the same in return.
    2. We expect to be informed of any medical or behavioral issues your pet may have. This will enable us to care for your pet better.
    3. All information provided by the owner/caretaker will be considered true. The Pet owner is solely responsible for any problems occurring due to misinformation.​ 
    4. Petsburgh reserves the right to alter grooming procedures and charges based on the temperament, condition and immediate requirement of the pet. This is especially true for long hair breeds that develop knots in the coat.
    5. We are pet care professionals but do not have a medical license. If any of us offer you advice on medical issues that your pet may have, please consult your vet before starting any kind of treatment. We will not be held responsible for offering friendly advice based on our own experiences as each animal may react differently to certain treatments. Your vet is the best person to advise you regarding medical issues.​
    6. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete a procedure due to interference by a client, we will charge a full fee for our service and not claim responsibility for any discomfort caused​.
    7.  Our time is just as important as yours. No-show clients will be charged and extra fee on their next appointment, unless management decides otherwise.​
    8.  Please inform us well in advance if an appointment needs to be cancelled. We will be happy to reschedule an appointment, given enough time.​
    9.  If, for any reason, Petsburgh needs to cancel an appointment. We will reschedule it to a mutually convenient time, at no extra charge.​
    10.  Management will directly handle any unfortunate events in a   calm, composed and respectful manner. We will not entertain rowdy or unnecessarily rude behavior towards us, or any of our staff members.