Treat your pet like a Superstar

  • Haircut
  • Your pet can sport the latest styles too
  • Flea and Ticks Application
  • Get rid of those nasty pests
  • Bath & Grooming
  • Keep your fur buddies squeaky clean
  • Oil Massage
  • Help your pets relax and unwind
  1. Face & Paws Trimming
  2. Basic hygiene & maintenance made easy
  1. De-Matting
  2. Get rid of all those horrid tangles

About Petsburgh

Andrea Cyrill Khurana _ Founder of Petsburgh
A love story with pets, that was established in 2008. Andrea is a certified groomer and instructor, having completed her education in Sydney, Australia. She has also trained in canine first aid and is a qualified veterinary assistant. Her love for animals started when she was just a little girl rescuing any stray animal she found by bringing them home even without the knowledge of her parents. 
Thankfully, her parents never discouraged her passion and supported her enthusiasm (but with some restraint so that their home was short of turning into a mini zoo.) Andrea dabbled in many other career paths before finding her true calling with Petsburgh. The advantage being a wonderful knowledge of all aspects of her current business. Today Petsburgh stands as one of the more respected establishments in pet care, thanks to the efforts and passion of the entire Petsburgh team.
Sunny Baid – Senior Groomer
​Sunny has been with Petsburgh since 2009. He has worked his way up from a helper to a senior groomer and strives to upgrade his skills with every chance he gets. He has been thoroughly trained by Andrea, head groomer and proprietor at Petsburgh. His training and dedication can easily be seen through his work. Coworkers and clients alike appreciate his loyalty. Sunny has a knack with handling larger or more difficult pets without letting any harm come to either. He is an avid animal lover and loves to help wherever possible.

Here’s a peek at some of our beautiful fur balls

From Scruffy to Fluffy!